Filming of our thriller opening.

6 Dec

Original plan.

When it came to filming the introduction for our thriller, we already knew where we were going to go in Bristol as we decided in earlier planning. Taking the bus into town was the easiest way for all of us to get into town. We originally set the filming to take place other the course of 3 visits, the first time we arrived we decided that instead of filming straight away we decided to scout the areas first as we were unable to go there before hand. By the end of the first visit, we were certain what to do on the next day when we would actually start filming.

First day of filming.

The second day we got there we started filming the parts in which our villain character would be walking down a narrow lane. We took many shots of this scene as we believed it would be necessary because the villain does not move around as much as our hero character. On that day we also did some shots of scenery which would be included in title sequences. Some extra ideas were added into the filming when we were in the lane, one of these shots included a CCTV like camera shot, to do this effect we placed the camera on a very high angle and tilted it slightly to give the impression it was attached to the wall. We were also unable to film some parts as we were missing our third member of our group on that day.

Second day of filming.

The third day was the final day of filming, the all important phone box sequence was finished in this day. Some parts where are hero character had to do some walking around the industrial docks, across a bridge and walking along the street was also filmed. A shot we came up with while we were filming was the idea of a point of view shot from the hero’s point of view from inside the phone box. All the footage needed for the film was filmed and ready for editing after this day.

Possible improvements.

As a group we couldn’t really think of many improvements that could of been done if we were to go back. One of the things we were going to possibly shoot again was the point of view shot from the phone box, if the shot is paused still you can see members of our group with a tripod and equipment. Another thing would be perhaps to include a wider variety of shot when our hero character walks across the bridge, I felt that we could have included some more shots to perhaps make the film run more smoothly.

In conclusion I believe that our filming was generally successful and I am pleased of the footage we filmed.


Script for thriller Opening

11 Nov

*Mobile Phone Rings* *Jack Answers*


Are you sure you don’t want a lift mate?


don’t worry about it, ill be fine getting home.


 ok then, tell me if you change your mind.


Ok, thanks I’ll see you next week.

Jack continues walking down the street and eventually comes across the phone box. 

The phone box rings and the victim assumes its his friend trying to call him again.

*Jack answers phone*


 I told you already, I’ll be fine.


This isn’t Charlie, now don’t hang up, I think you and me need a little chat.


Why would I want to talk to a random stranger in a phone box? And how did you now my friends name?


Trust me, I know a lot about you Jack, I also know a lot about your self.


Alright this is ridiculous, I’m leaving


 Don’t hang up!


Why shouldn’t I?


 You have a girlfriend don’t you Jack? I can see her right here, she’s in the park eating her lunch, you don’t want her harmed do you Jack?


 Ok, im listening, what do you want from me?


 Listen carefully Jack, there are three bombs planted in populated areas of Bristol, the timers have just started and they will all explode in exactly three days from now. You can have three choices Jack, you can either leave this phone box and pretend nothing ever happened, many people will be killed. Choice two, You pay me a ransom of exactly 1.5 million pounds and the bombs are diffused. Choice three, you decide to take the situation in your own hands…


 Wait, why have you chosen me?


 I know what you do for a living, you have more than enough money to pay that ransom. I also know that you have a lot of experience in the military, that’s why I gave you the option of taking this into your own hands. Goodbye Jack, good luck and don’t be a fool.


Wait what if… *Villain Hangs up*

*Jack puts head into hands*

Thriller Opening Planning

7 Nov


As a group we decided that our thriller opening would be about a bomb plot and a villain wanting a ransom in exchange for the bomb to stop. Our main the character the ‘Hero’ is a wealthy business  man who has been targeted by the villain because of his wealth. The villain contacts the hero by using a phone booth, at first the hero doesn’t take the call seriously until personal details about him are mentioned by the villain. The villain can see the hero starting to break down in the phone box from a distance. The title sequence starts after the phone is put down and the hero puts his head in his hands. The camera shot zooms out from the phone box and fades into another shot of scenery with titles being displayed.


There are only two characters in the opening sequence of our thriller film.

Hero: The hero is an innocent man, he is a successful businessman who has a lot of wealth to his name. During the opening sequence he is wearing a suit. Despite him having a significant amount of wealth and success he is actually not strong in character. When the film continues after the introduction he begins to show more signs of courage and bravery.

Villain: The villain in the opening sequence can’t really be fully seen as he is hidden by dark lighting and clothing (hooded coat). The villains voice is slow and has a dark tone to it, his voice is very intimidating to the hero. The villain is a very smart man and after the introduction he will set smart puzzles for the hero. His clothing is dark, he will wear a large hooded coat.


At the very start of the introduction quiet orchestral music will be playing, the music won’t be scary or give away signs that anything bad will happen. This music will be playing as he is walking in the city and up to the point when the phone box rings. When the phone box rings the music stops altogether, only the hero and the villain can be heard having their conversation. When the bomb plot is mentioned, a more up-tempo piece of orchestral music will start playing, the music will give of a sense of fear and confusion. The same piece of music continues through out the title sequence.

The music has already been created by myself, I created it using FL Studio 9 after getting ideas from the rest of the group.

Preliminary Task Evaluation

25 Oct

After watching the final result of the preliminary task, we were satisfied with the content and quality of it. We were able to successfully use a variety of camera shots and used the 180 degree rule. We felt that the editing was done to a good standard, the film played smoothly with no glitches or unwanted interruptions. The audio for the film was also successful, the audio maintained the same volume through out with out it going to load or quiet when camera angles changed during mid speech.There was how ever one small error with the audio where a small piece became distorted after importing, we simply used audio from another clip and replaced it.

The location we used was the original which we intended to use from the start, a small office of a teacher who let us use it while he was away. We had a backup room just in case for what ever reason the main room became unavailable. When we entered the room we had to make some minor adjustments to the furniture to allow us to place the tripod in the right places.

When it came to following scripts and storyboards, we used a combination of all our storyboards and took the best ideas from each one. When we were actually filming we decided to cut the original script a bit shorter than it was intended to be, this was because we didn’t realise how much time it would consume when actually reading it.


A rough sketch for a storyboard.

We used the close low angle shot of the feet from this storyboard and also the over the shoulder shot from the bottom of the storyboard.

The first and third shot were however not used after agreeing with the rest of the group.



If  we were to change anything I think that it would be to perhaps improve on the acting to make the film more convincing, its not really a massive issue as good acting was not the main goal for this task. Perhaps adding a wider variety of camera angles could have been another thing, but we didn’t really want to many or else the end result may have not ran as smoothly and we would of wanted it to. I think that we also should have been more prepared when it came to the script, we had to improvise on some small parts, but like the acting it wasn’t really the main thing we were worried about in this task. After finishing we were also thinking about adding music to it for some extra effect, the only problem was that the pre-prepared music in iMovie didn’t really suit the style of our video. Creating music on Garage Band would have taken to long.

On our next project I personally think that we will improve the scenery and location to make the film more convincing, because we were restricted to just filming in the school for the preliminary task we didn’t really have much choice to the location of the film.

Planning the preliminary task.

30 Sep

During the lesson we all had to go together in our groups of three and discuss and successfully plan a short sequence of someone walking into a room. We all decided on that the subject should be about a young builders apprentice who gets told off by the boss and gets fired.

After the main story was decided on we had to come up with some storyboards which would display what we felt would be right to be displayed on screen. We all came up with different storyboard ideas and in the end combined them together to have the best parts of all of them in one storyboard.

Another task was to decided on the script in which our characters would be saying, we also had to organise actors to take part in our film. We were able to get one person who would take part in our film and one of ourselves in the group would have to take part. The location for the filming was arranged to take place in one of the offices along the corridor.

We concluded the lesson by agreeing on props needed for the film, as it would be set in a building site and the main character was a builders apprentice, we easily decided that we would have to bring in a high visibility jacket along with a helmet. A mini skateboard would also be brought in as well to act as a moving tripod for one sequence.

We all felt that we were well prepared for the activity that would take place the following lesson next week.

Film Poster Analysis- Donnie Darko

23 Sep

The film poster for the film ‘Donnie Darko’ is a poster which I believe easily catches the eye. Without watching the film you would assume the poster is for a horror film, mainly because of the scary rabbit character named “Frank” being the main attraction on the poster.

Franks head on the poster is made up of the main characters of the film which is clever way of including more characters on the poster, rather then making the poster feel a bit crowded.

The colour scheme used on the poster is very traditional to the horror genre by using dark colours and also combined with the font gives it that feel.

The film however is not a horror film, it is more of a sci-fi, drama and a thriller. The main story in the film is about a troubled teenager who is having troubles with himself and is also discovering time travel.

From looking at the poster you could kind of tell that it is a drama by all the characters on the poster and the expressions on their faces, the fact that ‘Frank’ the rabbit is on there to may confuse people, it may even make them want to see the film, to find out more.

Sex and the City Intro

15 Sep

The introduction sequence to the popular TV series ‘Sex and the City’ is roughly around 30 seconds long and consists of the main character ‘Carrie’ walking down a busy street in New York wearing what appears to be a ballerina costume. The fact that she is wearing this weird clothing confuses the audience. Later on in the intro She then gets water splashed on her by a passing bus. ‘Carrie’ stands in the busy New York street not looking embarrassed but of anything happy about the fact that she has been drenched.

I believe that the use of male gaze has been used in the opening sequence, close ups on the main character are used repeatedly through out the intro. When she gets splashed by the bus and is standing in the street, a number of male characters are standing in the street starring at her. She is also acting like she is enjoying this attention she has gotten.

The intro is very fast paced, both the footage and music suits the theme of a fast and busy New York. When the opening credits are displayed on the screen, the shot changes to something other than the main character, for example an iconic building of New York. The fact that the intro feels rushed, fast and lively perhaps is giving the viewers an insight as to what the program will be like.