14 Sep

Blog Review – Rebecca Old

Out of the three A2 level blogs posted on the Hanham high school website, I personally found the blog written by Rebecca Old to be the most deserving of the higher grade. A great amount of thought has been put in to the blog, not only does is contain high level work but also the appearance of the blog has been taken into account. The colour scheme is easy on the eye and the layout of the page is organised neatly so that pictures are in the correct place alongside the text which is also presented neatly. Hyperlinks are also used throughout the blog for easy access to external media and webpages, this is good for accessing links which are related to the topic being discussed or evaluated.

The research which has been carried out in the early stages of the blog is documented regularly and contains many references to the media that has been studied. The documentaries analysed have been broken down in detail to explain such things as bias what makes them the type of documentary they are. It’s fair to say that the documentaries analysed by the group have influenced them in some way or another later on in the production stage and planning.

In terms of production every step seems to be well documented and recorded, screen shots of editing and certain camera shots are shown in their blog. The description of the production accompanied closely with the visual element really does make this a solid blog. Problems faced were also mentioned in the blog and how they overcome them, an example would be when one of the group members became ill and had to manage.

I think the blog is very strong all together, the evaluation is of a very good standard and goes very deep in terms of detail. One suggestion would be perhaps to match the quality of the evaluation to the rest of the blog. Some early posts could use some additional content to make them to the same standard as the more recent posts.


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