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Soap Scene Analysis

17 Jan

The scene that I’ve decided to do an analysis on can be found here


In this scene a couple are sitting down at a dinner table eating food, but the women discovers a wedding ring on the table behind some sauces. The women then looks into the man’s eyes and smiles.

The scene is very basic in the way it is shot and filmed, very basic mid shots and close ups are used through out.

At the very start an over the shoulder shot of the women is shown pouring a drink and talking to the man. The shot then changes to an over the shoulder shot looking a the man and then quickly back to the women where she is still pouring the drink and talking. The shots move very quickly and run very smoothly. After the over the shoulder shots of them talking a close up shot of their hands are shown on the table. The women grabs the wedding ring box and from the moment she picks it up, a tracking shot is used to follow the box and then turns into a close up on her face. The close up is necessary to show her reaction. A close up is then used on the man’s face to show his reaction, a quick close up shot of the women opening the box is then shown. The man gets up to hug her and as he stands up the camera is focused on his movement and follows him until he stops.