Filming of our thriller opening.

6 Dec

Original plan.

When it came to filming the introduction for our thriller, we already knew where we were going to go in Bristol as we decided in earlier planning. Taking the bus into town was the easiest way for all of us to get into town. We originally set the filming to take place other the course of 3 visits, the first time we arrived we decided that instead of filming straight away we decided to scout the areas first as we were unable to go there before hand. By the end of the first visit, we were certain what to do on the next day when we would actually start filming.

First day of filming.

The second day we got there we started filming the parts in which our villain character would be walking down a narrow lane. We took many shots of this scene as we believed it would be necessary because the villain does not move around as much as our hero character. On that day we also did some shots of scenery which would be included in title sequences. Some extra ideas were added into the filming when we were in the lane, one of these shots included a CCTV like camera shot, to do this effect we placed the camera on a very high angle and tilted it slightly to give the impression it was attached to the wall. We were also unable to film some parts as we were missing our third member of our group on that day.

Second day of filming.

The third day was the final day of filming, the all important phone box sequence was finished in this day. Some parts where are hero character had to do some walking around the industrial docks, across a bridge and walking along the street was also filmed. A shot we came up with while we were filming was the idea of a point of view shot from the hero’s point of view from inside the phone box. All the footage needed for the film was filmed and ready for editing after this day.

Possible improvements.

As a group we couldn’t really think of many improvements that could of been done if we were to go back. One of the things we were going to possibly shoot again was the point of view shot from the phone box, if the shot is paused still you can see members of our group with a tripod and equipment. Another thing would be perhaps to include a wider variety of shot when our hero character walks across the bridge, I felt that we could have included some more shots to perhaps make the film run more smoothly.

In conclusion I believe that our filming was generally successful and I am pleased of the footage we filmed.


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