Script for thriller Opening

11 Nov

*Mobile Phone Rings* *Jack Answers*


Are you sure you don’t want a lift mate?


don’t worry about it, ill be fine getting home.


 ok then, tell me if you change your mind.


Ok, thanks I’ll see you next week.

Jack continues walking down the street and eventually comes across the phone box. 

The phone box rings and the victim assumes its his friend trying to call him again.

*Jack answers phone*


 I told you already, I’ll be fine.


This isn’t Charlie, now don’t hang up, I think you and me need a little chat.


Why would I want to talk to a random stranger in a phone box? And how did you now my friends name?


Trust me, I know a lot about you Jack, I also know a lot about your self.


Alright this is ridiculous, I’m leaving


 Don’t hang up!


Why shouldn’t I?


 You have a girlfriend don’t you Jack? I can see her right here, she’s in the park eating her lunch, you don’t want her harmed do you Jack?


 Ok, im listening, what do you want from me?


 Listen carefully Jack, there are three bombs planted in populated areas of Bristol, the timers have just started and they will all explode in exactly three days from now. You can have three choices Jack, you can either leave this phone box and pretend nothing ever happened, many people will be killed. Choice two, You pay me a ransom of exactly 1.5 million pounds and the bombs are diffused. Choice three, you decide to take the situation in your own hands…


 Wait, why have you chosen me?


 I know what you do for a living, you have more than enough money to pay that ransom. I also know that you have a lot of experience in the military, that’s why I gave you the option of taking this into your own hands. Goodbye Jack, good luck and don’t be a fool.


Wait what if… *Villain Hangs up*

*Jack puts head into hands*


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