Thriller Opening Planning

7 Nov


As a group we decided that our thriller opening would be about a bomb plot and a villain wanting a ransom in exchange for the bomb to stop. Our main the character the ‘Hero’ is a wealthy business  man who has been targeted by the villain because of his wealth. The villain contacts the hero by using a phone booth, at first the hero doesn’t take the call seriously until personal details about him are mentioned by the villain. The villain can see the hero starting to break down in the phone box from a distance. The title sequence starts after the phone is put down and the hero puts his head in his hands. The camera shot zooms out from the phone box and fades into another shot of scenery with titles being displayed.


There are only two characters in the opening sequence of our thriller film.

Hero: The hero is an innocent man, he is a successful businessman who has a lot of wealth to his name. During the opening sequence he is wearing a suit. Despite him having a significant amount of wealth and success he is actually not strong in character. When the film continues after the introduction he begins to show more signs of courage and bravery.

Villain: The villain in the opening sequence can’t really be fully seen as he is hidden by dark lighting and clothing (hooded coat). The villains voice is slow and has a dark tone to it, his voice is very intimidating to the hero. The villain is a very smart man and after the introduction he will set smart puzzles for the hero. His clothing is dark, he will wear a large hooded coat.


At the very start of the introduction quiet orchestral music will be playing, the music won’t be scary or give away signs that anything bad will happen. This music will be playing as he is walking in the city and up to the point when the phone box rings. When the phone box rings the music stops altogether, only the hero and the villain can be heard having their conversation. When the bomb plot is mentioned, a more up-tempo piece of orchestral music will start playing, the music will give of a sense of fear and confusion. The same piece of music continues through out the title sequence.

The music has already been created by myself, I created it using FL Studio 9 after getting ideas from the rest of the group.


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