Preliminary Task Evaluation

25 Oct

After watching the final result of the preliminary task, we were satisfied with the content and quality of it. We were able to successfully use a variety of camera shots and used the 180 degree rule. We felt that the editing was done to a good standard, the film played smoothly with no glitches or unwanted interruptions. The audio for the film was also successful, the audio maintained the same volume through out with out it going to load or quiet when camera angles changed during mid speech.There was how ever one small error with the audio where a small piece became distorted after importing, we simply used audio from another clip and replaced it.

The location we used was the original which we intended to use from the start, a small office of a teacher who let us use it while he was away. We had a backup room just in case for what ever reason the main room became unavailable. When we entered the room we had to make some minor adjustments to the furniture to allow us to place the tripod in the right places.

When it came to following scripts and storyboards, we used a combination of all our storyboards and took the best ideas from each one. When we were actually filming we decided to cut the original script a bit shorter than it was intended to be, this was because we didn’t realise how much time it would consume when actually reading it.


A rough sketch for a storyboard.

We used the close low angle shot of the feet from this storyboard and also the over the shoulder shot from the bottom of the storyboard.

The first and third shot were however not used after agreeing with the rest of the group.



If  we were to change anything I think that it would be to perhaps improve on the acting to make the film more convincing, its not really a massive issue as good acting was not the main goal for this task. Perhaps adding a wider variety of camera angles could have been another thing, but we didn’t really want to many or else the end result may have not ran as smoothly and we would of wanted it to. I think that we also should have been more prepared when it came to the script, we had to improvise on some small parts, but like the acting it wasn’t really the main thing we were worried about in this task. After finishing we were also thinking about adding music to it for some extra effect, the only problem was that the pre-prepared music in iMovie didn’t really suit the style of our video. Creating music on Garage Band would have taken to long.

On our next project I personally think that we will improve the scenery and location to make the film more convincing, because we were restricted to just filming in the school for the preliminary task we didn’t really have much choice to the location of the film.


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