Planning the preliminary task.

30 Sep

During the lesson we all had to go together in our groups of three and discuss and successfully plan a short sequence of someone walking into a room. We all decided on that the subject should be about a young builders apprentice who gets told off by the boss and gets fired.

After the main story was decided on we had to come up with some storyboards which would display what we felt would be right to be displayed on screen. We all came up with different storyboard ideas and in the end combined them together to have the best parts of all of them in one storyboard.

Another task was to decided on the script in which our characters would be saying, we also had to organise actors to take part in our film. We were able to get one person who would take part in our film and one of ourselves in the group would have to take part. The location for the filming was arranged to take place in one of the offices along the corridor.

We concluded the lesson by agreeing on props needed for the film, as it would be set in a building site and the main character was a builders apprentice, we easily decided that we would have to bring in a high visibility jacket along with a helmet. A mini skateboard would also be brought in as well to act as a moving tripod for one sequence.

We all felt that we were well prepared for the activity that would take place the following lesson next week.


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