Film Poster Analysis- Donnie Darko

23 Sep

The film poster for the film ‘Donnie Darko’ is a poster which I believe easily catches the eye. Without watching the film you would assume the poster is for a horror film, mainly because of the scary rabbit character named “Frank” being the main attraction on the poster.

Franks head on the poster is made up of the main characters of the film which is clever way of including more characters on the poster, rather then making the poster feel a bit crowded.

The colour scheme used on the poster is very traditional to the horror genre by using dark colours and also combined with the font gives it that feel.

The film however is not a horror film, it is more of a sci-fi, drama and a thriller. The main story in the film is about a troubled teenager who is having troubles with himself and is also discovering time travel.

From looking at the poster you could kind of tell that it is a drama by all the characters on the poster and the expressions on their faces, the fact that ‘Frank’ the rabbit is on there to may confuse people, it may even make them want to see the film, to find out more.


One Response to “Film Poster Analysis- Donnie Darko”

  1. Anna Beadman September 27, 2010 at 1:01 pm #

    Well done Kyran, you identify some important features of the poster and explain the reason for the choices made by the producer of the poster. You could have used some film terminology to improve your analysis.

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