Sex and the City Intro

15 Sep

The introduction sequence to the popular TV series ‘Sex and the City’ is roughly around 30 seconds long and consists of the main character ‘Carrie’ walking down a busy street in New York wearing what appears to be a ballerina costume. The fact that she is wearing this weird clothing confuses the audience. Later on in the intro She then gets water splashed on her by a passing bus. ‘Carrie’ stands in the busy New York street not looking embarrassed but of anything happy about the fact that she has been drenched.

I believe that the use of male gaze has been used in the opening sequence, close ups on the main character are used repeatedly through out the intro. When she gets splashed by the bus and is standing in the street, a number of male characters are standing in the street starring at her. She is also acting like she is enjoying this attention she has gotten.

The intro is very fast paced, both the footage and music suits the theme of a fast and busy New York. When the opening credits are displayed on the screen, the shot changes to something other than the main character, for example an iconic building of New York. The fact that the intro feels rushed, fast and lively perhaps is giving the viewers an insight as to what the program will be like.


One Response to “Sex and the City Intro”

  1. Anna Beadman September 17, 2010 at 2:47 pm #

    Well done Kyran, you show a good understanding of the terminology when describing the sequence. You are able to analyse the effect of the particular shots and consider their effect on the audience. Try to use terminology to describe the editing and camera shots where possible.

    Well done, a great start to the course!

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