Media Lesson #3

15 Sep

In my third media lesson we started off by watching a few of our classmates presentations about analysis of action films.

We discussed as a class about typical stereotypes in films often portrayed by the media. For example we would usually expect a ‘superhero’ to be played a man.

The point of the men playing stereotypical roles was proven when we did a small task which was basically draw one of the following; Doctor, Super-Hero, Villain and a Nurse. It was no surprise that the majority of the classes drawings were men and the nurse was drawn as a women.

The media plays a massive part in making us believe these stereotypes that have been displayed on the big and small screen countless times.

Another topic we discussed and written about was the ‘male gaze’ which is basically a technique which the media uses to often attract the male audience by using almost subliminal footage in their advertisement or film. Advertisers often do this on adverts which advertise female products such as make-up.

In the final part of the lesson we had to watch the intro to the TV program  ‘Sex and the City’ and briefly analyse the techniques used through out the sequence.


One Response to “Media Lesson #3”

  1. Anna Beadman September 17, 2010 at 2:49 pm #

    This is great, you are writing in detail showing a clear understanding of the areas covered. Keep it up!

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